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Anybody else remember this episode? In it, a female villain called Femme Fatale is stealing millions of dollars in Susan B. Anthony coins. Naturally, the Powerpuff Girls go to stop her. She then convinces them that men are all horrible because female superheroes aren’t as well known as male superheroes, even asking Blossom to name some to where her only answer is Wonder Woman.

They start acting bitter, refusing to do chores when the Professor asks and even telling the Mayor to save the town himself. Ms. Bellum and Ms. Keane talk to the girls and basically explain that being mean to guys won’t do anything and that isn’t the kind of message feminists should put out.

They proceed to beat up Femme Fatale while giving her a history lesson about Susan B. Anthony, the story where she voted and was found guilty because women couldn’t vote back then, but when the judge wanted to let her off easily because she was a woman, she forced them to take her to jail. The girls handle her and the lesson is that misandry will not stop misogny and we all should just respect each other.

And it fell on Tumblr’s deaf ears.

To the point where many among the sort of person depicted in this episode point out that Lauren Faust later regretted writing the episode. What they conveniently leave out is the fact that it was because of all the death threats she received from that sort of person.

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"You just don’t like being slapped, huh?"
“Not typically.”
“I dont… I don’t mind.”

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 Dante et Virgille en Enfer (Dante and Virgil in Hell) by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1850. Featured in Rino Stefano Tagliafierro’s Beauty. |x|

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Type Stress Animation by Roy Veldkamp
Twitter: @visualvibs


Type Stress Animation by Roy Veldkamp

Twitter: @visualvibs

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Old clocktower converted into a penthouse.


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Let’s talk a bit about Moon Kingdom architecture. This one is a pretty obvious and easy topic because everyone knows about the Taj Mahal in India, and the general aspect of Islamic architecture. For those of you who need reminding, however, here is the Wiki article on the Taj: 

It seems to have been Naoko’s inspiration for one (and the most well-known) design for the Moon Kingdom palace. I say one of them, because the Moon Kingdom has changed silhouette or architecture in different parts of the manga and/or anime. The Islamic influences are also visible in the scene showing the garden and a side of the palace. Also, notice the lace-like designs which flow nicely with the feminine, more elegant images, such as Serenity’s dress (the upper part), or all of the lacey background images in the manga… or even the girls’ clothes in some color artwork by Naoko.

However, the ruins of the Moon Kingdom resemble the ruins of Ancient Greek architecture more than Islamic architecture. The ruined kingdom seems to be a version of the Athens Acropolis rather than what Islamic architecture would look like if in that state of decay… Notice the columns (in the distance there’s some Doric Order, and in the close-up with the Queen in a bubble you can clearly see Corinthian Order). Also, note that scenes taking place in interior spaces or on balconies suggest Palladian architecture or Neoclassicism. So one might say that the interiors are an anachronism, considering that they exist simultaneously as the style that came before them and which led to their birth. But the again, this is fiction… so suspension of disbelief is to be expected :)  

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Fake Movie Meme: Hunted

natalie dormer & dane dehaan as twin vampires
sebastian stan & tatiana maslany as twin werewolves
lupita nyong’o & anthony mackie as twin hunters


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